Personal Masterclass

With you have the unique opportunity to learn directly from our maestros, through Skype or video messages. In our courses, our aim is to provide you with everything you need to know to learn about one style or topic. However, nothing helps better to advance, than personal contact with the teacher. At, you can contact our teachers once you've finished one of our courses, to really take your skills to the next level.



1) Record a video of yourself playing once you've finished learning a course. This way you'll be able to show the teacher your best version, and get the advice that will really help you to improve, without having to worry about being nervous. This will also enable you to take the most advantage out of the Personal Masterclass.

2) Click on the 'Personal Masterclass' button. You can you do the Masterclass immediately if the teacher's available; if not, you'll receive an email from us when the enrollment opens.

3) Send the video through the form, where you can also ask questions that you may have about the course. Choose how you want to receive the masterclass: directly through Skype, or through a video message from the teacher.

4) The maestro will give you corrections and advice, he will answer your questions, and he will give you a certificate of attendance with your progress.

The personal masterclass includes membership of the closed Facebook group of the teacher. You'll be able to see videos of other students and learn from their feedback and corrections. To complete your learning, you will also have access to complementary exercises that will help you to understand the subject of your course even better.


Active Personal Masterclasses