How started

Detmar has been passionate about learning to play the flamenco guitar for more than two decades, ever since he heard this amazing instrument for the first time in a concert in the Netherlands at the age of 14. However, he soon became aware of the fact that it was quite difficult to learn this art through books, and even more so to find a qualified teacher.
At the age of sixteen he found himself in a specialized flamenco store in Amsterdam watching a didactic video course of Paco Serrano. Blown away by his playing he was even more motivated to realize his dream to learn to play the flamenco guitar.  
Two years later he decided to travel to Granada to find a teacher that could help him realize his goal. Once in Spain, he met various amazing guitar players, who unfortunately were not so amazing at teaching their knowledge. Somewhat disappointed, after nine months Detmar went back to the Netherlands to study business administration. 
However, the desire to understand and play the flamenco guitar always remained. For this reason he decided to move to Barcelona in 2005 where he met Sergio Dorado (music consultant for, who turned out to be an excellent teacher. With his help, Detmar entered the Liceu conservatory of Barcelona to study with maestro Manuel Granados for two years. 
In 2007 he met Paco Serrano at the Guitar Festival in Cordoba, and is astounded not just by his playing, but also by his capacity to teach this art. After finishing the conservatory in 2010, he decided to move to Córdoba to study with Paco Serrano. After one year, student and teacher decide to join forces and build a website so that anyone can learn from the best maestros without having to be in Spain.