About us

If you're curious about the story and the people behind onlineflamenco.net, then this is your page. The maestros, who offer interactive courses on this website, are not just teachers; they stand out as artists too. Many of them have won some of the most important prizes in the world of flamenco. You can learn more about each of our maestros in the section 'artists'. 

How onlineflamenco.net started: when student and teacher met. 

Onlineflamenco.net was founded in 2012 when Paco Serrano (teacher) and the founder of onlineflamenco.net, Detmar Breuker (student) decided to set up a website for online flamenco guitar courses. Read more.


The expansion of  onlineflamenco.net

During the first one and a half year the focus was on studying and designing the site, finding means to finance the website, and building the team. Even though the initial idea was to offer just courses of maestro Paco Serrano, as the project grew it became more and more clear that it would be even more interesting for students to have the opportunity to learn from various renowned artists, each with their own different expertise.

Ever since, the team expanded slowly but surely, with the participation of gifted artists such as David PinoJavier Conde and Tino van der Sman


The Opening

Onlineflamenco.net has officially been opened on October 9th, 2015 at the Centro Flamenco Fosforito in Córdoba. The opening was sponsored by the Ayuntamiento de Córdoba and the Ministery of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain. Read more.


The onlineflamenco.net Team

Besides the artists, on our website there's an international team of professionals that is there to help you learn the most from our courses. 
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