Cante Accompaniment of Malagueñas and Fandangos Abandolaos


When you finish this course you'll have the full basis of the cante accompaniment of the Malagueñas and Fandangos abandolaos styles under the guidance of maestro David Pino and Gabriel Expósito. Step-by-step you'll learn to master all the fundamental aspects of the cante accompaniment, so that you're well prepared to accompany cantaores
This course has 63 videos, where you'll learn to master: 
  • the basic structure of the Fandango and its corresponding chords in 5 tonalities;
  • how the Malagueñas and Fandangos Abandolaos are played in practise with a detailed explanation of each component;
  • many responses and traditional resources with the use of different techniques;
  • the 5 main variants of the Malagueñas;
  • the 6 main variants of the Fandangos abandolaos;
  • 2 introductions of the Malagueñas;
  • 6 llamadas al cante of the Malagueñas;
  • 1 introduction of the Fandango abandolao;
  • 1 falseta of the Fandangos abandolao;
  • much practical advise  
  • *** BONUS: one-hour workshop where you'll learn a lot more on the cante accompaniment from the maestro and from fellow guitarists. 
  • NEW: you can now accompany the maestro with the cante videos that have the responses as well as the compas on-screen, so that you'll always know the exact moment when the guitar responds to the cante;
  • Each variant is explained, played and sung by the maestro; 
  • All of the music of this course has been carefully transcribed in scores in PDF format, especially designed for the cante accompaniment. 
  • Apendix of responses to the different chords;
  • You can check if you really master the accompaniment with the only cante videos. 
Only if you purchase the course before 23:59 (CET) of the august 3rd, then you'll have access to the live one-hour workshop, which will be held on september 9th at 21:00 (CET), where you'll be able to send a video of yourself accompanying the Malagueña and Fandango Abandolao letra that you prefer, in order to receive personalized advice by maestro David Pino. The session will be recorded so that you can see it afterwards as well. 


Cante Accompaniment of Malagueñas and Fandangos Abandolaos
  • For: all levels

    Total duration: 135m 6s

    Vídeos: 63

    Required knowledge: basic chord knowledge and basic flamenco guitar techniques



    Only if you purchase the course before august 3rd (23:59 CET), then you'll have access to the live workshop, where you can send a video of yourself to maestro David Pino accompanying the Malagueña and Fandango Abandolao letra that you prefer, so that you can get advice on how to improve, see below for more details. ***

  • Price: 397.00 €
  • Videos:
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  • Course info Free
  • Introduction1:43
  • Fandango Structure6:46
  • Responses1:33
  • The Malagueña of 'El Canario' 8:07
  • Malagueña of 'La Peñaranda' 4:36
  • First Malagueña of 'Chacón'7:32
  • 2nd Malagueña of 'Chacón' 5:30
  • The Malagueña of 'El Mellizo'8:10
  • Fandango de Lucena4:40
  • The Fandango of 'Juan Breva'3:35
  • Fandango from Lucena, nr. 23:37
  • Verdial of Juan Breva3:15
  • Jabera4:25
  • Rondeña Chica2:15
  • Explanation Full Malagueña11:27
  • Explanation Full Fandango Abandolao10:30
  • Full Malagueña and Fandango12:24
  • Guitar Salida of the Malagueña2:29
  • Appendix with responses
  • *** BONUS: Live workshop ***23:45