Advanced Flamenco Guitar Technique #1

JAVIER CONDE is internationally recognized as one of the most gifted young flamenco guitaristsJavier Conde gained some of the most important flamenco prizes, as well as many oustanding critics. For the very first time, you can now learn a selection of the exercises that helped him reach an astonishing technique.

THE ADVANCED FLAMENCO GUITAR TECHNIQUE COURSE is perfect if you want to take your flamenco guitar technique to the next level. You will learn some of the most powerful exercises and studies that make up the daily study routine of Javier. These exercises are one of the key ingredients that helped Javier become a virtuoso flamenco guitarist. 

UNLIKE NORMAL EXERCISES AND STUDIES, these ones are challenging even for an advanced flamenco guitarist. However, as you study them, you'll note how your current repertoire will become easier for you because of the extra effort that is required to be able to play these exercises. In many studies, two or even three different techniques are practiced at the same time, making them unique and effective if you want to boost your technique

COURSE CONTENT: to start out, Javier will give you general advice on how to study; this includes some stretch and warm-up exercises, the correct posture and advice on how to study effectively. Subsequently, he will show you how to play each technique, discussing the right position, the do's and the don'ts. Finally, he will play a series of 21 exercises and studies at two different speeds and discuss the difficulties of each one, so that you will get the best out of them. 

This course consists of 66 videos and 71 minutes of material in which you will learn:

  • general advice 
  • 21 exercises and studies
  • 4 in-depth explanations about the thumb, alzapua, slurs, stretches and picado technique.


  • All of the music of this course is carefully written out in scores available both in PDF and guitar-pro 6 format
  • The details and difficulties of each exercise are explained in detail;
  • Every exercise is played at normal speed and at slow speed;
  • The slow version of each exercise is recorded with a split screen with close-up view of both hands allowing you to perfectly observe Javier Conde his technique.





Advanced Flamenco Guitar Technique #1
  • Level: intermediate-advanced

    Total duration: 71m 19s  

    Videos: 66

    Recommended knowledge: basic understanding of techniques such as pulgar, alzapua, slurs, stretches and picado

  • Price: 197.00 €
  • Videos:
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  • Course Info Free
  • General Advice4:55
  • Thumb and Alzapua Technique3:51
  • Thumb Exercise1:59
  • Thumb st. 'Rumbero'3:27
  • Thumb Study2:17
  • Exercise Alzapua2:03
  • Alzapua Study2:14
  • Legato Technique3:21
  • Hammer-on Exercise1:17
  • Pull-off Excercise1:58
  • Slur 'El Sordito'1:50
  • Slur 'El Cortito'1:30
  • Slur 'El Manco'1:29
  • Fal. Alegrías with Slurs3:07
  • Electric Guitar Slurs2:17
  • Slurs in D Mayor2:16
  • Barre and stretch tech.2:54
  • Right Hand Stretch3:03
  • Left Hand Study2:49
  • Solea Remate in E4:12
  • Solea Remate in A2:17
  • Picado Technique5.47
  • Picado Ex. 'Vertigo'2:05
  • Picado Bass Strings2:41
  • Explosive picado 3:42
  • Picado with slurs1:58