Solo Guitar por Alegrías

In this course Paco Serrano will teach you how to dominate all of the components that you need in order to play an 'Alegrías' solo. The approach is step-by-step, so that you can gradually learn to play this style correctly. The maestro will explain each component in a video so that you can learn to master this palo style step by step.
This course consists of 57 videos in which you will learn:
  • 6 basic right-hand rhytmic variations;
  • 26 compas variations using different chords;
  • 6 short remates;
  • 6 long remates;
  • 5 variations of 1 compas;
  • 2 short falsetas;
  • 5 long falsetas.
  • All of the music of this course is carefully written out in scores, available both in PDF and guitar-pro 6 format, so that you can play along with the teacher;
  • Each video in this course has an on-screen compas allowing you to have the time reference all the way through;
  • The long falsetas, as well as four of the short ones, have a split screen with a close-up view of both hands, allowing you to perfectly observe the maestro's technique.

Right-hand patterns

To start out, you will learn 6 different fundamental right-hand patterns. These patterns will not only enable you to play the basic compas, but you can also use them for the singing accompaniment.
Basic compas and variations
Here you will learn the structure of the fundamental basic compas, with 6 basic variations. After that you will learn 7 variations that are slightly more rythmically and harmonically challenging.
Different positions and chords
With these 12 variations you can extend your basic compas repertoire with new variations, which will allow you to break free from the monotony of the standard basic compas, by the use of interesting modern chords.
Short Remates
The next buidling block in the Alegrías solo is the remates. You will learn 6 variations of short remates that start from the count number 7, enriching the basic compas with techniques such as the thumb-, arpegio- and alzapua.
Long Remates

Subsequently, you can extend your remates by using longer variations that start from the count of 3. These 6 remate variations are technically more challenging and are played with different techniques such as arpegio, alzapua and picado.

Variations of 1 compas

In these 5 vídeos, you'll learn 6 short falsetas that last one compas each. Typically, these are used to give the cantaor a break and are very practical to apply when you accompany the cante (singing).

Short Falsetas
These 2 falsetas last one compas as well, but you can now observe both hands closely with the split screen.
Long Falsetas
To finish the course, you'll learn 5 long avant- guarde falsetas. Each one is played at 4 different speeds so that you can learn them step by step at your own rhythm. Furthermore, the split screen will allow you to perfectly observe the technique of the maestro.



Solo Guitar por Alegrías
  • Level: all levels

    Total duration: 47m 47s  

    Recommended knowledge: basic understanding of the Alegrías style and of techniques such as rasgueado, pulgar, picado, alzapua and arpegio.

  • Price: 197.00 €
  • Videos:
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  • Course Information Free
  • Introduction1m 12s
  • R. Hand Patterns 3m 32s
  • Basic Compas1m 58s
  • Compas Variations1m 24s
  • Different Positions2m 24s
  • Different Chords2m 18s
  • Legatos1m 5s
  • Short Remates3m 2s
  • Long Remates2m 33s
  • Var. of 1 Compas3m 49s
  • Short Falseta 11m 22s
  • Short Falseta 250s
  • Long Falseta 15m 23s
  • Long Falseta 24m 5s
  • Long Falseta 3 4m 35s
  • Long Falseta 43m 6s
  • Long Falseta 53m 53s