Right-hand techniques

In the first part of the interview the maestros discusses left hand techniques. In the second part of the interview with maestro Javier Conde, you'll learn more about right-hand technique issues such as the different positions for thumb, alzapua, rasgueo, and abanico as well as examples of the positions of the right hand of some great maestros such as Paco de Lucía and Vicente Amigo.

​                                                                  (English subtitles available)

Video Summary:

In this video you can learn more about: 
  • The two positions of playing the thumb technique (0:40);
  • The position of the alzapua technique (2:17);
  • Personal ways of Paco de Lucía and Vicente Amigo's playing (3:48);
  • Diffent positions for playing rasgueos (5:56);
  • The abanico technique (6:38);
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