Born in 1974 in the Hague, the Netherlands. He started his guitar studies when he's twelve years old. Instructed by Paco Peña at the Rotterdam Conservatory in the Netherlands, he graduaded in 1997. At the same time he took course with Gerardo Nuñez in Sanlucar de Barrameda from 1992 until 1998 where he improved his knowledge. In 1999 he took up residency in Seville, where he gained a scholarship to study at the Christina Heeren Foundation. This is where he continued his learning, focussed on the cante and the baile. 
A year later he already became teacher in this centre, and started his professional career by working as a co-instructor at the summer courses of Gerardo Nuñez. Over the years, he has given numerous classes and has been invited to give masterclasses at the Rotterdam Conservatory in the Netherlands. He has also organized guitar courses and dance accompaniment courses in Mexico, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands. In 2015 he was invited by Gerardo Nuñez to give a dance accompaniment course during his summer course in Sanlucar de Barrameda.
He has accompanied singers such as Segundo Falcón, José de la Tomasa, José Valencia, Juan José Amador, Jesús Méndez, Rocío Márquez, Pasión Vega and Manuel Lombo, as well as renowned dancers such as Rafael y Adela Campallo, Pastora Galván, Rafael de Carmen, Manuela Ríos, Fuensanta "la Moneta" y Antonio Molina "el Choro". He gave performances in grand theaters such as the Metropolitan in New York, La Casa de la Música en Moscow, Concertgebouw of Amsterdam and Vredenburg in Utrecht.
Furthermore, he has participated in the show 'Metamorfosis' of Israel Galván. At the Festival de Jerez he worked in performances of Úrsula López, Leonor Leal, Vicente Gelo y Antonio Arrebola. He has also played at the Suma Flamenca, the Bienal de Flamenco in the Netherlands and Flamenco Viene del Sur. In 2015, he worked with Isabel Bayón for the show 'Caprichos del Tiempo'.
He has recorded three solo albums: Desatino (2004), Tino (2007) and 'Curioso Impertinente' (2015) with collaborations from Rocío Márquez, Andrés Marín, Miguel Poveda, Jeromo Segura, Cepillo, Antonio Coronel and Miguel Ángel Cortés. He has produced the CD of the Chekara orchestra with the collaboration of the singer Estrella Morente, with whom he recorded a seguiriyas. He has participated on CD's of Sal Marina, Sebastián Cruz, Sonia Miranda, and the double bassist Juanmi Guzman, Manguara, Niño de Elche and he has done recordings as well with Jorge Pardo.